FIR Tamil (2022) Movie Review

FIR: Vishnu Vishal; the ONE MAN ARMY!

Vishnu Vishal was so vocal about his career choice post-Ratsasan and FIR being the first of it, made me wait for the bang.

FIR Tamil (2022) Movie Review

FIR is set in Chennai, where Irfan Ahamed(Vishnu Vishal) gets framed for terrorism. As it unfolds we get to see the rage of an innocent accused and Vishnu Vishal is stupendous. First and foremost, they have got the looks right. This brings a lot of conviction into making us believe that the protagonist is capable of pulling off the magnum opus he sets out to. Vishnu Vishal has carried the film on his shoulders and is a clear indication of his growth as a star. Raiza Wilson delivers a whistle-worthy performance and you really feel her on screen. Gautham Menon doesn’t make an impact but is fine in such an authoritarian role. The rest of the cast performed well; sparing some.

Technically, the production values are fantastic. The setting looks authentic and real; kudos to Vishnu Vishal. Aswanth’s background score backs the star in the second half. The visuals have a stylish appeal to it. But what goes haywire is the editing. In the first half, a few situations look forced and hurried. The second half is racy but fizzles out in the middle and revamps in the final laps.

Overall, FIR is a good one-time watch. The action sequences are well shot and the plot has enough to keep you hooked.

Review by: Gautham Ravichandran

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