Valimai : A ton of well choreographed bike chases!

You see, there doesn’t exist a sophisticated template for masala films. The big stars are the siren to such films. Valimai had an added advantage of being a talented director. And having said all these, Valimai is a straight plot zig zag-ed by unnecessary attributes.

Valimai : A ton of well choreographed bike chases!

Valimai tells us again that Ajith is more than done for, with his current appearance. He looks old and efforts to make him look younger are so plain. You want to hoot for the star’s charisma but Vinoth’s mass is something else. Huma Qureshi catches your attention in a brief role.

Ghibran’s score helps occasionally but this isn’t what we expect. We get rigorous scenes but they are stamped down by bleak sentiments. And this background score by Ghibran proves to be well set around the chasing scenes and nothing more. The star of the show is Nirav Shah. His visuals are breathtaking. Every shot and every angle looks colorful and well thought out. Dhilip Subbrayan’s stunt choreography to is on the winning side. The length is exuberant. You really yawn in the second half, where the story is constructed around and run on cliches. Every scene is predictable, every shot is predictable even some dialogues are. The production values are lavish. Yes, that saves your bucks to an extent.

Overall, Valimai is a thoroughly underwhelming film with some really good bike chases. That being said, you don’t need to watch a film for some bike chases.

Review By © Gautham Ravichandran

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