Kaathuvakula Rendu Kaadhal Tamil Full Movie Review

When you make a romantic comedy that is a tad unusual, it can go both ways. It’s about how to balance the quotients of entertainment to make it less absurd and Vignesh Shivn with Kaathuvakula Rendu Kaadhal finds that equation and manages to stitch it together as a hilarious timepass entertainer for the masses.

Rambo believes himself jinxed and this misbelief makes him run away from everyone he cares about, everything he likes. However, things turn interesting when he falls in love with two girls simultaneously, leaving him both happy and confused. The film’s all about Rambo’s constant effort not to break both hearts. KVRK relies too much on hilarious instances and surprisingly that’s where the film shines the most. Even the most unfortunate, absurd situations of the hero are laced with rib-tickling sequences. Vignesh Shivn clutches the story at no point but rather lets it loose on its own and lets the situations take over the ride along with several hindrances blocking its way. The premise loses its focus in parts, several slots remain vacant in this romedy that could’ve done better and makes no sense but it’s the jokes and caricature kind of characters that make us sit through the whole film. Vignesh Shivn manages to avoid the usual cheesy patches of a rom-com and plays according to his strength. I loved how he infused the jinx factor to justify the hero’s reason to fall for two girls where it could’ve badly misfired. KRK revolves around the trio the entire time and he ensures the romance or the heartbreak is not cheesy. Though the writing offers no surprises KRK holds us to the proceedings, thanks to the cringe less dialogues and Anirudh’s marvelous soundtrack. But as the film reaches its peak after the interval there’s a mishap where Vignesh Shivn’s writing goes chaotic. The second half is not as exciting as the first though many LOL moments still make you hooked. It’s largely saved by the lead artists who hold the film firmly with all their strength. The runtime however is a huge roadblock, they could’ve wrapped up the whole attempt in under 150 minutes.

Kaathuvakula Rendu Kaadhal Tamil Full Movie Review

There’s a likeability factor to Vijay Sethupathi which we adore. Even Though his acting goes loud and too typical, the ease to perform under pressure makes him different from others. There’s a hilarious stretch at the interval which the actor single-handedly does with stupendous timing and effort. The two leading ladies constantly outsmart each other with Samantha having a slight edge over the other. She looks ethereal and her minute expressions are a treat for the fans. Nayanthara with a more constrained performance also makes her space felt. The color palette Vignesh Shivn uses for both tracks nicely merge with the narrative so are the spectacular visuals by Sreekar Prasad, each frame looks rich and colorful. But it’s Anirudh who deserves all the praise, be it the memorable songs or the soothing scores; everything has its heart at the right spot. Even the most bizarre situations end up tolerable because of the music.

Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal isn’t a genre-breaking attempt yet it holds the capacity to keep us entertained with a lightweight screenplay. Keep your expectations and logic aside and enjoy this harmless popcorn flick with all your heart.

Review by ©Rahul Babu

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