Udal Malayalam Movie Review

The familiarity with a genre from foreign movies would always pose a problem when you try something of the same sort in a regional language. Audiences are well versed with the genre tropes and a writer must travel above it. Udal, written and directed by Ratheesh Raghunandan, belongs to the invasion-slasher genre and somehow manages to achieve the heights of expectation.

Udal mainly scores from an unlikely union of actors, who in communion brings much intrigue. Dhyan Sreenivasan was relatable as Kiran and the actor’s interviews have played a major role in this. Durga Krishna was convincing and sound so was Indrans in a role that demands so much physical involvement. Indian physical appearance has aided the narrative in building tension.

Udal Malayalam Movie Review

William Francis’ background score repeats itself throughout the film. The emotional score goes beyond a limit to irk your senses, but one can’t neglect its role in uplifting the core. Manoj Pillai and Nisad Yusuf do the necessary. The frames are mostly right and the cuts are slow and steady. The coloring in certain frames was patchy and so was the VFX. The ‘A certificate’ maybe only allocated to the sex scenes, as the violence isn’t harsh on the eyes.

Ratheesh Raghunandan has packed the screenplay with some cleverly crafted moments. And for a film running tight at 2 hours, these work like wonder.

Review By Gautham Ravichandhran

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