Heaven Malayalam Full Movie Review

Unni Govindaraj tries his best to combine two genres, which are the best fit to each other in common. But Heaven is a quality product in its visual grammar but a deadbeat film that doesn’t excite you with its narrative.

Suraj Venjarumoodu is Peter, a police officer, who is in charge of a homicide investigation. Determination is strong, but the difficulties Peter face are immense.

Suraj Venjarumood puts his heart into Peter. The actor conceives the emotional vulnerability with finesse. Alencier and Jaffar Idukki are next in line, but the latter makes an impact in a limited role. Sudev Nair fails to evoke any surprise, which the director wants the actor to convey.

Vinod Illampally is the showrunner for Heaven; Truly immersive visuals and an equally complementing colour tone. Gopi Sundar’s background doesn’t help and feels more like a paper wrap on ice cream; you think it would contain but never! The screenplay doesn’t surprise the viewer. The whodunnit and the revelation are unsatisfactory, and so is the borrowed twist. And what is this fascination for left-handers for thriller films?!! The writers aspire for a strong emotional backing for the protagonist and the antagonist making it tough for the audience to take side with anyone.

Overall, Heaven is a wasted attempt that wouldn’t cause any harm as time pass. A strong Suraj and salient Vinod Illampally are the takeaways!

Review By Gautham Ravichandhran

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