Suzhal (2022) Tamil Web Series Review

In Vikram Vedha we saw how immaculately Pushkar-Gayathri blended folk tales to deliver an intense gangster drama. Their ease in pitching stories diluted with mythological and folk stories also reflect in their first web series production. Suzhal-The Vortex is a meticulously crafted investigative drama helmed by the director duo that, despite its angle of predictability, sucks us into a world of fear and deceits.

Suzhal unfolds during ‘Mayana Kollai’ an annual village festival in Saamballur, a high range area where a girl mysteriously disappears leaving her parents and police in dilemma. As we dive deeper into this Vortex things make more sense and several identities start to show their true form. Even though the core of Suzhal resembles the usual tropes of a murder mystery writers Pushkar-Gayathri never lets the its flaws overpower it’s strengths. This 8 episode series unravels the answers briskly yet the scrupulous writing keeps the pace steady with each episode ending on a cliffhanger leaving us baffled. Suzhal is the byproduct of a great vision mixed with stupendous making and compelling storytelling. With each episode this grandeur tale tightens its twists and turns moving into a stupendous finale. Set in a picturesque location the series at no point loses its goal, the investigation sequences are intriguing and each clue adds a new dimension both to the story and characters. The festival proceedings are exquisitely shot with and the writers duo’s conviction in blending the folk tale with the murder deserves a huge applause.

A bigger intention like Suzhal requires phenomenal actors to deliver its ideas and the team with the right choice of actors ticks all the boxes of a thriller. Shriya Reddy as the rustic cop and affectionate mother is a revelation while Parthibhan in his usual metre delivers a nuanced performance. Kathir as Inspector Sakkarai holds the grip of the show with an impeccable act. The actor gets a meaty role post critically acclaimed Pariyerum Perumaal and he does it with great elan. Aishwarya Rajesh raises the bar in a short but impactful appearance. The supporting cast stands out especially Gopika Ramesh and Harish Uthaman adding more value to the riveting story.

Suzhal is further intensified by Bramma G and Anucharan Murugaiyan presentation along with an enigmatic score by talented Sam. CS. Suzhal is deeply layered and disturbing, as the story moves to its final act several easily guessable turns might act a spoilsport however the tension it builds all along the journey keep it intact in its violent track.

Review by ©Rahul Babu

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