Vaashi Malayalam Full Movie Review

Vishnu G. Raghav has my regards for playing the courtroom scenes subtle, for we saw how utopian it used to be. As and when required,the punches land but subtly.

Vaashi is about Abin and Madhavi, an advocate couple, who are pinned against each other on a case.

Vaashi has got really good performances. Tovino Thomas and Keerthy shared a good chemistry. Considering how the film travels on their shoulders Supporting cast including Baiju, Anu Mohan, Nandu, etc., were all convincing in their brief roles.

The background score by Yakzan and Neha plays along with the sensibility of a courtroom drama. Kailas’ songs mayn’t individually stand as good songs, but did justice to the conflicts.

The film explores the problems sensibly. The sensitivity of the topic is kept intact but the climax was such a downer for the intensity of the issue. The relevance of such a climax in a film that dictated the exact points on a topic, shreds down to mere mimicry at the end.

Overall, Vaashi is an engaging courtroom drama, if you turn a blind eye towards the bad climax. Vishnu G.Raghav may have another round at the process, but Vaashi could have used some more direction!

Review By Gautham Ravichandhran

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