Avane Srimannarayana Malayalam Dubbed Full Movie Review

avane srimannarayana malayalam dubbed full movie review

Director: Sachin Ravi

Cast: Rakshit Shetty, Chandrajith Belliappa, Abhijith Mahesh, Anirudh Kodg


In pursuit of solving a long held mystery in the town of Amaravati in Karnataka, centered on missing ‘loot’, Narayana – a quirky new cop in town, has to get past the much dreaded Jairam – leader of the dacoit clan by name Abhiras, and Tukaram – a cunning politician.

Avane Srimannarayana Review

To take up an intriguing fantasy subject, completing its screenplay in 1.5 years, to shoot it in 198 days, is, by all means, a gigantic feat for Sandalwood and even the Indian Film Industry as a whole! For what merit falls, is for the successful accomplishment of such a project within a limited spectrum! Written by Rakshit Shetty and the seven odds, Avane Sriman Narayana is directed and edited by Sachin.

avane srimannarayana malayalam dubbed

The film is about a buried treasure, and two heirs of a dynasty king cutting each other’s throats, to get hold of the treasure! Into this scape comes Narayana, an eccentric – corrupt cop! Before anything else, the editing of the film was such a pleasure to watch. The advantage of the director also being the editor was visible throughout! The film stars Rakshit Shetty, Shanvi Srivastava, and Achyuth Kumar in the lead roles. Rakshit Shetty as Narayana has put up a delightful show.

avane srimannarayana malayalam

Narayana is our very own Jack Sparrow; Rakshit Shetty has almost reached the line! Shanvi Srivastava was aptly cast, whereas Achyuth Kumar is at his best form in years when it comes to comic timing! Avane Srimannarayana┬áis probably Kannada Cinema’s most technically rich film! Music, BGM, visuals, edits, stunts everything was fantastic! Karm Chawla’s every frame was rich and powdered. The film draws heavy mythological references, but to much surprise, nothing looks insipid in this ‘Kannada’ film! On the downside, the film runs for 2 hours 52 minutes, which may not go well with many people! Personally, didn’t find it a problem at all! Minor VFX glitches and over-dramatic dialogues are ignorable in Kannada Cinema’s most ambitious project! But by far, the film works mainly because of the slapstick humor, and twisted dialogues! Rakshit Shetty’s idea to don a Jack Sparrow reminiscent character has worked for these

avane srimannarayana malayalam dubbed

aspects! Overall, Avane Sriman Narayana is a must big-screen watch! I repeat, big screen!

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