Monica, O My Darling Full Movie Review

When you have a crime thriller in hand either you could follow a conventional route or you could churn out a whacky multi-layered dosage of entertainer. Luckily director Vasan Bala chose the latter thus not caging Monica O My Darling into the usual parameters of crime dramas.

Monica O My Darling has the same eccentricity or wackiness as Vasan’s previous outing ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’ and it gets more intense once the film takes off. The film throws us a shock in the first frame even before we make ourselves comfortable then shifts the tone into a more comical space with murders and mysteries. Vasan Bala rightly uses the dark comedy space set in a retro vibe where every character and proceedings have another shade. The staging is so meticulously stuffed with pop culture references, and classic soundtracks therefore adding an aesthetic mood to the gruesome acts. The writing of Monica O My Darling runs on a smooth stretch without letting the distractions hinder its flow, however, the twist and turns have their shortcomings even though it holds us into the narrative for most parts. It’s a kind of film where we have to completely surrender to the maker’s intention and enjoy the eccentricities of the characters. With each solution, a new problem unfolds and Vasan Bala treats that quirky storytelling with an intense grip over the genre.

Monica, O My Darling Full Movie Review

It’s amazing how Rajkumar Rao constantly creates a space on his own with a wide set of amusing characters. Jay could’ve been over the top but Rao fits the bills with ease and maintains a grip over him. Huma Qureshi is stunning and the mysterious aura around her is well-depicted on-screen. Radhika Apte isn’t the usual cop you expect in a crime thriller. She’s cheerful and a bit loud, making her a delight to watch. The rest of the cast perfectly suits Vasan Bala’s vision and each of them hits the mark.

Swapnil S. Sonawane’s cinematography produces visuals that apts Vasan’s ideas supported by a great soundtrack by Achint Thakkar. The songs make the route clear for the film and the usage of classics has rightly hit the chord.

Monica O My Darling is a deliciously dark comedy tale that works like a charm providing much-needed relief for Bollywood. This astonishing tale deserves all love and praise.

Review by ©Rahul Babu

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