Gold Malayalam Full Movie Review

GOLD: This “Alphonse Puthren-overdoing” is painful to watch!

Continuing to do what you found success at is an excellent bet and there is a clean way to do it. You could go both ways; outdoing it and overdoing it. Alphonse Puthren outdid himself in Premam (2015) and overdid himself in GOLD (2022)!!

Prithviraj’s presence is a huge relief and a notable performance from the whole battalion of actors who have acted in the film. Even with such a huge star cast (or rather cameo cast), entertainment is the least of the film’s concerns. Having said that, Shammi Thilakan, Lalu Alex, and Mallika Sukumaran are the better among the lot.

Gold Malayalam Full Movie Review
Gold Malayalam Movie Review

The technical department is all Alphonse Puthren stamped. The visuals remind you of his previous work, or maybe that is what the director wanted. Alphonse Puthren’s fascination for butterflies, caterpillars, ants, squirrels, flowers, etc. continues here also, but the frequency is a tad too tiring. Rajesh Murugesan’s songs are fine and the background score is neat. The color palate was enjoyable but that alone wouldn’t keep you from boredom.
GOLD runs for too long! The 2-hour 45-minute film doesn’t have a coherent screenplay or plot points that could engage and connect all the characters, in a wannabe hyperlink narrative. A Premium brand of slapstick humor doesn’t work anymore, which was quite evident in the theatre response. With unfunny humor, unwanted inserts, and uninteresting conflicts the film is anything but entertainment. There are a couple of good scenes- but they are few and far between! And Alphonse seemed to be confused about how to end the film and the whole climatic episode doesn’t sit with the slow pace the film had till then.

Overall, GOLD is an epic disappointment! The film feels too monotonous and patchy. Your love for the director may stop you from hating the film, but wouldn’t help you love it either!

Review By Gautham Ravichandra

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