Thunivu Movie Review: An H. Vinoth Message- Part 2!

Thunivu Review

I had great admiration for the director who made Theeran Adhigaram Ondru.As Thunivu was approaching its release, H. Vinoth had given many interviews and seeing them made me realise that Vinoth sees cinema as a medium to tell messages.Thunivu tries to be in the Shankar zone, but message over entertainment has never worked!

Thunivu (2022) Tamil Full Movie Review
Thunivu (2022) Tamil Full Movie Review

Ajith Kumar, the star is least exploited by H. Vinoth. For all the three films the duo came together, Ajith was reduced to a protagonist and not the star. Nerkonda Parvai didn’t require such, Valimai failed miserably at creating one and Thunivu continues the legacy. But Ajith aces the baddie with sparks of Mankatha. All other actors overdo their underwritten characters or underplay their solid characters; creating no impression.

Ghibran has failed us completely. He may have let his guard down in a film, where everything is messy. Nirav Shah’s visuals don’t live up to the standard it used to have. The film seems to be heavily trimmed; everything happens in a hurry.

The screenplay is lazy. Vinoth gathers informations and stitches them into the story, without any coherent backing. Two songs pop out of nowhere. The production design is commendable but doesn’t make an impact overall.

Overall, Thunivu is underwhelming. Ajith alone can’t make a film work where the director puts message first to storytelling. The duo maintains their legacy and delivers another forgettable film. The film is watchable for Ajith and Ajith alone!!!

Review By: Gautham Ravichandran

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